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December 2021

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2021-2022 Calendar

Important Dates:

December 20 - January 3

Winter Break: No School

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Students return to school.

Monday, Jan. 17

MLK Jr. Day: No School

F-F March 11-18

Spring Break: No School

Thursday, May 26

Last Day of School for Students (if no snow make up days needed)

Saturday, June 4


Information on School Weather Delays/Cancellations

This email was sent from Dr. Sanders on Nov. 19, 2021.

Dear Parents,

We are nearing that time of the year when we should prepare for the chances of snow or ice. I want to update you about our policies and procedures so that, together, we can help our children know what to do when bad weather appears.

The administration begins driving roads on days where snow or ice is an issue at approximately 4:15 am. With over 360 miles of roads in our corporation, we do our best to cover the main roads.

After checking on conditions throughout the corporation, we will meet at 5:15 am and make a decision to call or delay school by 5:30 am.

Please understand that changing weather conditions and other factors may adjust the decisions made or the time we call the school community. For example, a two-hour delay may turn into a cancellation or we may have to call at 7:00 am to cancel school. The safety of students and staff will always be our number one priority. We will do our best to keep in mind the challenges that two hour delays and cancellations place on parents.

Once the decision is made, we will begin the following procedures:

1. We will begin notifying staff and parents through a mass phone call using our school messenger program. Please make sure you have the most up-to-date phone numbers in Harmony so you receive a call.

2. We will post our School Status on our R-BB website: https://rbbschools.net/

3. We will have our closing and weather delay information on the following stations:

  • WCBK radio
  • WCLS radio
  • WGCL radio
  • WTTV (CBS): Channel 4
  • WRTV (ABC): Channel 6
  • WISH-TV: Channel 8
  • WTHR (NBC): Channel 13
  • WTIU: Channel 30
  • WXIN (FOX): Channel 59

4. You may also call the following number to hear a recorded message on R-BB’s School Status:

  • (812) 876-9020

eLearning Days

Once the decision is made to cancel school, I will also determine if R-BB is going to use the day as an eLearning Day. I will communicate the eLearning Day decision at the same time and through the same modes of communication as the cancellation of school announcements.

eLearning Days do not need to be made up at the end of the year.

Please be aware that not all inclement weather days will be implemented as eLearning days.

On a two-hour delay, school will start at the following times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:

  • EJHS/EHS—9:30 am
  • EPS/EIS-- 10:25 am
  • AM preschool classes will be canceled on a two-hour delay.
  • All other preschool classes will begin at 10:55 am.
  • Latch Key will start at 8:30 am on two-hour delays.

I encourage you as a family to sit down with your children and develop an emergency weather plan that addresses two issues:

  • What do you want your child to do if school dismisses early due to inclement weather?
  • What happens when there is a two-hour delay if you are both working parents?

We find that when parents have a plan and discuss it with their child beforehand, it can alleviate a lot of stress if school dismisses early or starts late.

We also want you to know that there might be times this year that we need to do a two-hour delay due to cold temperatures. We take wind speed and temperature into account when making the decision.

We will use the following weather chart from the National Weather Service as a starting point for our decision-making process: https://www.weather.gov/safety/cold-wind-chill-chart

As a corporation, we take your child’s safety very seriously and will do our best to make a decision about school delays as early as possible.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family.

Have a great day,

Dr. Sanders

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Important Information from our District Nurse

Parents must notify the front office and/or health office when their student has a current illness and/or is being tested for COVID and has pending results.

If there's a pending test for anyone in the home, please keep your child home until those results are received by the school.

If your child is tested, please wait until you hear from your child's school regarding return dates to assure that the school has received the results.

Emily Hawkins RN, BSN

Richland-Bean Blossom Corporation School Nurse

P: 812-876-2277 ext 2296



The next planned School Board Meeting is Monday, December 20th, at the EHS Auditorium starting at 6:00 p.m.

Information about the monthly meetings can be found at this link. Most meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Edgewood Early Childhood Center (EECC) Preschool - PreK

Edgewood Primary School (EPS) K-2

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If you are interested in helping the EPS PTO, please email PTO.EPS@gmail.com.

The pandemic has made it much harder to stay connected with other EPS families, but some fantastic volunteers have found a way! Join one of the following Facebook Groups to stay connected now and throughout your child's journey through school!

3rd Grade - Edgewood Class of 2031 Parent Chit-Chat

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Edgewood Intermediate School (EIS) 3-5

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From the EIS PTO

From the EIS PTO:

Please join us at our next PTO meeting on .
6 PM in the EIS Library
(Front doors)

If you have any questions or are looking for a way to get involved, please email us at


A great way for families (including extended!) to help support our students is by registering their KROGER discount cards with our school. The PTO earns a percentage of everyone's purchases every 3 months! Amazon also offers a similar program.

Edgewood Junior High School (EJHS) 6-8

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COLTS CHRONICLES (student written newspaper)

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From the PTO:

The EJHS PTO invites you to join us to help support the EJHS students, teachers and staff! There are opportunities that fit every schedule and interest--whether it is sending in items for pitch-ins, spending time helping at events, or simply attending meetings to stay connected to what is happening at the school! You can find information about the PTO on Facebook, or you can join the email list by sending a note to EJHSPTO@Outlook.com.

Join us at our next PTO meeting via ZOOM!
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Meeting ID: 582 699 3177
Passcode: EJHSPTO

EHS Student Cash Turner & Wrestling Coach Greg Ratliff -- Interviewed by Jeremy Hines

Check out this fun article written by Jeremy Hines about our very own EHS student, Cash Turner.

#WrestlingWednesday with Jeremy Hines: Cowboy up! Edgewood's Cash Turner has a unique off-season training regimen

Edgewood High School (EHS) 9-12

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Athletics Link

If you have additional questions, please call EHS during school hours at 812-876-2277.

The EHS secretary will send out a Daily Announcements (LINK) through email each day.

TIS & the Cookie Walk are back!

This family-friendly show is a must-see! See flyer below.
Showtimes: Saturday, Dec. 11 at 7 PM & Sunday, Dec. 12 at 2 PM

Tickets will go quickly, so be sure to purchase your tickets on the evenings of Dec. 7 & 8 in the EHS Commons. Tickets will also be available at the door unless the show is sold out. Multiple tickets together may be difficult to secure unless they are purchased beforehand.

The Cookie Walk is a favorite part of this experience. Families can peruse the many elegantly decorated tables of sweets & treats to purchase items by the pound. Everything will be individually wrapped to make it safe for everyone. Cash only, please.

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