The Teaching and Learning Continuum

Let's Help Our Students be Successful Through Autonomy.

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

This year I plan to implement the TLC model in order to assist your student in achieving learner autonomy. This means they will be able to take control and responsibility for their own learning. We are creating lifelong learners! This letter is simply a guide to inform you of what the process looks like and makes you aware of the learning going on in the classroom.

TLC Level 1: Didactic Instruction

At this level the teacher is still in charge of the learning and guiding the students. The teacher will be helping students learn common language within the discipline, know the vocabulary of the lesson and gather the skills and processes. This phase is important because it helps in building the students' academic language.

TLC Level 2: Facilitated Instruction

At this level we start to see more interaction and involvement from the students and less of the teacher guiding. The teacher is setting learning goals that the students should follow, although the students are answering and discussing a lot of open ended questions. This level is important because we see more independence from the student which will help with their confidence in learning.

TLC Level 3: Coached Instruction

At this level the teacher becomes more of the coach in learning and provides feedback for the student learning. The teacher is simply a support system whicle students are doing their own thinking, learning, communication, data gathering and sharing. This level is important because teachers are getting the students to think of larger problems, emotional engagement, challenging each other's beliefs. The level of participation and thinking skills increases tremendously.

TLC Level 4: Consultative Instruction

At this level the students have come facilitators of their own learning. The teacher is still providing recommendations and advice but students are completely responsible for all of the learning plans and evaluations of learning.