san antonio



Looking for an fantastic place to vist or live?san antion is the place ! it has a river walk that flows thorgh down town and you can go on a long boat ride and get to see all the old buliding and intrsting land marks.san antion is a unique and a ''full of enrgy'' city there is always a lot people.


We have a basketball team calld spurs we are a really good team .we play in down town a&t center. we went to a game it was loud crowed and fun.i saw a lot of fan in black and white cheering.

tower of americas

In down town there is a Tower of America 750 foot, tall thay have a restrant at the very top of it its really exspive .alot of people go to it every day it looks prtteylights .

san antonio

san antion is a unique place and ''full of erngery''city.our backetball teamis really good and we have a great the middlle of downtown thair is a tower of amcain its super tall and really pretty.ihope everone get's to vist our wonderfull city.