VCR Lesson 7

By: Ritvik Bodducherla

Fill In the Blank

China was ruled by ______________ for many centuries.
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1. A succession of rulers from the same family group or line.

2. A succession of influential people linked by familial, political, social, or cultural association.

Sample Sentences

  1. The dynasty attained the height of its power under Rudra Singh, who is said to have ascended the throne in 1695.
  2. The Shang dynasty was one of the first Chinese dynasties.
  3. The Kardashian dynasty is in every tabloid right now.


  • Dunamis (Greek): Power


  • Bloodline
  • Succession
  • Ancestry


There are no direct antonyms for dynasty, but:

  • Democracy
  • Non bloodline government

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Circle the letter in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly

  1. The Duck Dynasty runs a highly successful duck hunting business.
  2. The Mughal dynasties in India were originally from Persia.
  3. The CEO of the company is a dynastic person.
  4. The company of is run by a dynasty; it is a family-owned business.