Survival Guide Australian savanna

by Steven rodriguez

Location, Geography and climate

Are plane crashed on Australia .we're in the savanna in broom Australia . The climate over here is wet and dry and the geology is mostly hilly and mountains. The temperature ranges from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.The climate is tropical.

Four steps needed to survive

1.Look for trees near by

2. Stay away from animals such as lions and other things

3.Rest for the night when u find the tree get some leaves to cover your self because its really cold at night. NO POISON vie.

4.Look for water in the morning

Animal life

Watch out for Rhinos emu and iguanas. The most terrifying is the rhino because of its big horn. The iguanas aren't that harmful but you can use it as food source if you want to survive. It's helpful because u can eat it. Don't miss with emu because of it's speed it can run really fast.

Plant life

There are tons of plants that live here but i'm only gonna talk about three. The first one is the Bermuda grass it's helpful for making hats if theirs someone knows how to knit and if your shoes break or something you can make shoes out of it. The river bush willow can help to build a shelter. Last but not least the dale tree is good for protection it's not poisonous or harmful and its not edible.