Saving money

Reasons to save and Strategies to help you save

Reasons to save money

Their are many reasons to save money, mostly because it is always there just in case you run into a problem.

Reasons to save money:

1. emergencies- If you ever run into a problem and need money you can always go to your savings because that's a reason its there.

2. retirement- If you save money, you can retire earlier and have money for the years you don't work and you will not struggle.

3. a home- You need to save money in order to buy your own house, they are costly and require saving money.

4. Save for vacation- If you ever need time off and want to get away and take a vacation, you should have money saved so you won't have to worry about money issues when you come back.

5. Save for a new car- Cars are kind of expensive so saving money for a car would be a good idea. You probably won't have the money to just pay it all at one time so you will probably have to save.

6.Education- Education now a days cost a lot of money and you will most definitely have to start saving money in order to pay that big amount.

Strategies to save money

1. Set savings goals

2. Use financial tools

3. Start off small

4. make savings automatic

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