Grain de Sel Togo, Inc.


Who is Grain de Sel Togo, Inc.?

Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. (GDS Togo) is a nonprofit organization initiated by a group of Togolese Fulbright Scholars in US universities. GDS Togo, Inc. is dedicated to helping ambitious and talented but underprivileged students, in public universities of Togo through scholarships and coaching.

GDS Togo is registered as a non-profit organisation under Georgia (USA) Law.

Since 2013, Grain de Sel Togo has offered scholarships to 10 of these students in the two public universities of Togo.

5 out 10 grantees graduated in 2015 with a BS Degree.

We are currently recruiting new grantees for the 2015-2016 academic year. Grantees will be appointed and supported through our scholarship program.

We can do more, if you could join us!

And yet thanks for your care.

The Team

Our Mission

Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. (GDS Togo) is committed to sustaining and improving the educational experience of needy students enrolled in public universities in Togo by providing them with technical and financial supports.

We need your help

There are multiple ways you can help us do more:

  • Sponsoring or coaching a student/grantee
  • Being penfriend of a student
  • Giving educational supplies to a student: books, laptops, etc.
  • Visiting Togo and grantees and participating in Leadership training events
  • Providing financial support to Grain de Sel Togo, Inc
  • Sharing the words about Grain de Sel Togo Inc. via social media and others

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