Roshele L.B. De Los Santos

Learning Facilitator

My Philosophy of Education

A job is simply a task that one performs, a career is contractually committing to complete various job assignments, but a profession is being able to work in a career that you love and that is what teaching is to me, a profession. My objective as an educator is to teach my students both individually and collectively. I want to be able to understand the academic needs of my students and how they are best able to learn. I also hope to be sensitive to their personal needs and circumstances. It is my goal to personalize learning so that education can be attainable by all.

Education is a universal concept that can be reached in many different ways. In life every being is constantly learning based upon experiences and choices. I believe that a person can never be too young or too old to learn. Learning begins at birth and it matures according to how one is nurtured and guided throughout life. As a teacher I want to be a part of nurturing, guiding, and instructing students and by leading by example.

I understand that we all have various strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. Personally I am a visual and tactile learner. My own experiences with my education make me more sensitive and aware of the multiple intelligences in others. As a teacher, it is my desire to learn and build up the strengths of my students and to embody a lesson that will fuse together different aspects of learning.

My teaching inspiration is my second grade teacher. She was able to incorporate the arts into her lesson plan in such a way that made learning addictive. By the end of the school year she had touched each student in a unique way and we were collectively ahead of our peers in other second grade classes. She taught me that teaching comes from the heart. One can learn to teach but only a few are born with the heart to be a teacher. When the gift to teach is realized the teacher first becomes the student by taking time to learn what each student will need to make the school year a success.

My teaching aspirations are to understand my students, recognize their unique style of learning and meet them there. I hope to show my students how learning can be an invigorating challenge and an obstacle that can be conquered by them all. It will be my duty, my responsibility to embrace each of their styles of learning and empower them to use those methods effectively to benefit their learning.

Classroom Management Plan

A successful classroom calls upon both the teacher and the students to collaborate in the the planning process. A teacher plays a pivotal role in preparing our future leaders of tomorrow. In order to organize and manage the classroom effectively a plan is created. This classroom management plan will serve as a guideline for rules, procedures, discipline techniques, student participation, and teaching strategies.

An Open Invitation To My Classroom

As a visitor walks into my classroom they will immediately hear the sounds of students trying to figure out a solution to the question of the day. The next thing that would catch the visitor's eyes would be the enthusiasm that each student displayed while working in groups create a solution to the problem. Each student motivating the next to continue to do great work.