Open House

By: Niccolo Rudisill

Earthquakes PBL

What did you do in your earthquakes PBL project. My group created an original design, our actual design, and out blueprint of Tony Stark's house. We created his house out of popsicle stick, clay, and straws. As you can see this project was very exciting.

DQ: How can we as structual enginers build a house for Tony Stark that can withstand seismic activity? We could put clay on the side of the original design to act like bricks which could easily withstand seismic activity.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

Invection Convection Project

This is my Invention Convection project. I worked in a group of 5 with me, Victor, Andrew, Gio, and Manny. We thought of the idea that we should should create a solar paneled car. This solar panalled car could save energy and could use less greenhouse gases. We thought that by decreasing these greenhouse gases because it damages all extinction to every living life form on earth.