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Week of December 5- December 9

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December 13- Choir Concert- Heartland Cafeteria @ 7:00

December 16- Orchestra Concert- SFHS Auditorium @ 7:15

December 19-20- Wizard of Oz Auditions- Heartland Cafeteria 2:30-5:30

December 20- Band Concert- SFHS Auditorium @ 7:00

December 21- Orchestra Caroling

December 21- Winter Assembly

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Art - Mr. Wilmes

6th Grade: All STEAM Art students will explore measurements and percentages as they create a value scale. Students will discuss how force, energy and friction are used to operate a bicycle. We will discuss components and their design, how gears work, ratios, and how brakes are operated. Students will realistically draw a bicycle from real life. Students will expand their use of the elements and principles of art (balance, proportion, scale) by shading their 2 dimensional bicycle drawings.

7th Grade: ALL STEAM Art students will consider the importance of understanding human anatomy and how proportions change with posture. Students will develop critical skills to accurately depict figures by emphasizing balance, proportion, scale and negative space. Students will manipulate pencils and various media to create aesthetically pleasing figure drawings.

8th Grade: ALL STEAM Art students will consider the importance of understanding human anatomy and how proportions change with posture. Students will develop critical skills to accurately depict figures by emphasizing balance, proportion, scale and negative space. Students will manipulate pencils and various media to create aesthetically pleasing figure drawings.

Please support our STEAM Art program by donating to the Donors Choose grants listed below or share on your socials.

Music into Pictures

What a Relief!

STEAM Glazed Chicken Nugget Bowl


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Around The World - Mr. Coffman

Welcome Thunderhawks!!

This class is divided into multiple sections:

  1. Through the Ages - Major Events in World History
  2. 6th Grade: Pre-Classical History

    7th Grade: Classical History

    8th Grade: Modern History

  3. Cultural Studies - A look at various cultural themes Around the World
  4. Current Events - An Everyday Analysis of the biggest stories affecting the globe.
  5. Natural Phenomena Around the World.

To see what we are doing each week, please refer to the Week at a Glance found HERE

As always, reach out if you have any questions.



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Band - Mr. Heitz, Mr. Coffer, & Mr. Romano

Welcome to Band

6th Grade:

We are working on:

  • Proper playing position

  • Proper posture

  • Producing a good sound, that is the hardest part

  • Basic rhythms and reading music

  • Fingerings and note recognition

7th Grade/8th Grade

Reviewing out of last year’s book and starting their new book. Preparing for the upcoming CODA honor band auditions.

All Grade Levels

There are usually 2-3 submissions on Canvas due each week.




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Computer Science/Multimedia- Mr. Bullock

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8th Grade Computer Science-

The students will be working on coding different apps. I’ve included an example below.

Sound Library Tutorial

In this project you will create your own app to capture sounds from daily life and store them in your very own Sound Library on your mobile device. Be it for the purpose of capturing soothing sounds like in ASMR to calm yourself at the end of a long day or for capturing cool natural rhythms to generate your own funky music, we invite you to take on this challenge merging technology and the sonic arts.

7th Grade Computer Science-

Students began to work on a Reaction Game. They will continue with this next week. I’ve included a pic. After that, some of the coding they will do is Strobe light activity and

Happy Birthday Blocks Activity ←- Coding the song.

Multimedia -

Students will be creating a video “What they will do over the break.” They will be sharing traditions etc.

6th Grade Tech. Lit. -

Students will be learning to create stop-motion “videos” on Google Slides.


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Drama- Mrs. Skube-Carr

6th Grade

Students have chosen their final script and assigned acting roles. This 15-20 minute skit will be memorized and students will use st pieces, props, and costumes. Performances will take place December 15 and 16.

7th Grade

Students have chosen their favorite holiday character and are writing monologues from their perspective. Monologues will be memorized and will be performed December 15 and 16.

8th Grade

Students will continue working on their small group skit. This 20-25 minute skit will be memorized and students will use set pieces, props, and costumes. Students will also take on a technical role (director, prop master, costumer, etc.) for their skits. They are in complete control of their entire performance! We are just here to guide them! Performance will be December 14-16.


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Engineering - Mr. McDow

Welcome to Engineering!

    • 6th Grade: This week we are recording data over the airplanes we made. We are launching 3 different airplanes! We are also starting our Rocket construction this week.

    • 7th Grade: We are finishing up our Air Skimmer data collection this week!

    • 8th Grade: This week we are continuing our VEX Builds. The students are getting quite adept at building with our materials. Soon they will be making some really cool robotics!

Jordan McDow

Syllabi & Open House Info

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Family and Consumer Science (FCS) - Ms. Owen

Welcome to FCS!

  • 8th grade - Eighth grade classes completed their tote bag sewing projects directly before break. Coming back from Thanksgiving Break, 8th grade students will begin their child development unit. They will spend the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas learning about the different learning styles in children and how to best implement those learning styles in different activities.

  • 7th grade - Seventh grade classes completed a lesson on healthy vs. toxic friendships prior to leaving for Thanksgiving Break. Students will finish off the semester learning about scale and proportion, Color Wheel Theory, and the basics of interior design. Students will create an interior design box room to demonstrate the skills they’re learning.

  • 6th grade - Sixth grade students have had two weeks in FACS so far for this rotation. So far, they have had a Welcome Week introduction to FACS and learned to make homemade milkshakes. Students will continue the six week rotation by doing a project that analyzes personality traits and core memories upon return from Thanksgiving Break.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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Fit For Life- Coach Bell

Welcome grades 6-8 to Fit For Life! This is where our students will get an introduction to fitness, which will focus on muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and general health and wellness.


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GATE & Challenge - Mrs. Pettijohn-Russell

Pro Tip for GATE Challenge Parents: Instead of asking your kiddo what they did in school today (to which they will assuredly respond, “Nothing…”) ask them about the Big Brain Battles for Warm Up today or what they are currently doing on their Project! The answers should be enlightening! Our semester is nearing the end! Please ask to see your child’s slides! You will be impressed with their critical and creative thinking skills on display!

GATE/Challenge is unlike any other class! It is a unique learning model and opportunity for unique students. Through projects that combine art, science, technology, history, math, social skills, music, engineering, and language arts, we will demonstrate:

  • problem solving skills;

  • reflective learning;

  • understanding and connecting universal patterns in both self and the world around us.

This class practices metacognition: thinking about thinking! This means to: consider preconceptions, misconceptions, context and conceptual frameworks, monitoring and adapting, and an awareness of your own cognitive process.

Gate/Challenge is all about having a Growth Mindset and exploring the limits of our own imagination, creativity, and knowledge! All done while having FUN!

Please check out our class Canvas page for up to date info on student projects, directions, and deadlines.


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Open House Slideshow Intro to GATE & Challenge!

Orchestra - Ms. Fuston

6th Grade Orchestra

  • Many students just tried for the October Wall of Fame and we have 39 sixth graders famous this month.

  • They will now start working on the November Wall of Fame challenge.

  • Students have just started playing with their bows on the string.

  • Students are able to demonstrate a proper bow hold and the bow arm motion for their instrument.

  • We are working on our Winter concert music.

  • Students will perform both pizzicato (plucking the string) and arco (playing with the bow) for their winter concert. You will be impressed with how far they have come in such a short time.

7th & 8th Grade

  • Students are working reviewing skills and techniques learned last year.

  • Students have just completed the October Wall of Fame challenge and we have begun working on the November Wall of Fame challenge.

  • Students are sight reading daily to help choose music for the winter concert as well as prepare for the sight reading portion of state orchestra contest.

  • Students are also preparing for their performance in the Veterans Day Assembly where they will be performing the Star Spangled Banner.

North Central Honor Orchestra

  • Congratulations to the North Central Honor Orchestra members. We had several students audition for NCHO this past weekend and had seven students selected for the 7th grade orchestra and three students selected for the combined 8th/9th grade orchestra. Students who audition did the prep work on their own with a little in class help. Your hard work and dedication paid off and they will participate in the NCHO clinic/concert on November 18 & 19, 2022.



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Physical Education - Coach Parker & Coach Wilkerson

Welcome to Physical Education! This is where students will learn the importance of basic stretching and exercise procedures and the rules and skills involved for various sports, games, and physical activities. Students will also be able to apply the skills and rules taught into an actual game situation while displaying team unity and sportsmanship. Each student will also improve their overall fitness level and be able to measure those improvements through periodic fitness assessments. In addition, athletic shoes are required.



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Vocal Music - Ms. Garrett

In 6th grade students practicing their solfege and rhythm!

In 7th and 8th grade students are working on music for the Winter Concert on December 13. Congrats to the students who made COCDA-we had a blast participating in Honor Choir! Also a huge congratulations to students who made it all the way to second round auditions for OCDA-way to go!

In Musical Productions students are working on their set list for competition in February.


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