Free Enterprise

Freedom Of Individual Privacy

Advantages, Supply & Demand, And Incentives

Free Enterprise promotes economic growth. In a free enterprise market the value various goods and services. For instance if certain goods are scarce but in high demand such as gold, the price will be high but if the goods are like wood and chips the price will be low. Taxes are also opposed to a true free enterprise market and tends to reduce the financial incentives of free enterprise as well as reduce economic activity

What is Free Enterprise?

Free Enterprise is an economic system where rules are placed on business and ownership. In this system goverments have limited ownerships in the market place. This lead to less government interventions.


Jordans introduced in 1984 are one of the most polarizing brands in the Free Enterprise system. These shoes are manufactured in China though Nike owns all of the factories where Jordans are produced. Jordans now are still one of the most successful brands receiving many sponsorships and high praise


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