Philosophy of Education

McKenzie Randall

What education means to me

Education to me does not only mean book learning but also includes social learning, life experience and even decision making. I want to teach the generations to come to be something great. I want them to have the best experience in my classroom and be excited to come to class every day with a smile on their face.

My role as a Teacher

When I become a Teacher I want all of my students to be comfortable with me. I want them to be able to trust me and look to me as a role model. I will accommodate each and every child's needs. I would love to be able to take a few minutes out of each day and talk with each individual. I feel as if a student will learn better when they enjoy and like their educator. I want them all to feel free and express themselves in and out of the classroom.

Role of the school

The role of the school is to provide a safe environment and to make all of the children feel safe. Children should feel as if their school is a second home so therefor they need to feel loved and wanted each and everyday when they walk through the doors.