Cool? Identity, Drugs & Fitting In!

My First Thoughts

What does it mean to be "Cool"?

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  • Athletic
  • Social
  • Gerald doesn't have time to be or act "cool" he has to work to support his family, worry about Jordan, and protect his Mom and sister, Angel, from Gerald's stepdad.

How important is it to be cool?

I don't know because I don't care about what other people think of me or what they think they know of me. Gerald doesn't seem to think about being "cool" it's never one of his worries, all he has on his mind is school, basketball, Jordan, Monique, and Angel.

What does it mean to fit in and why is it so important?

To fit in is to be like other people, not be different or weird in front of others.

Gerald is different in many ways, but he doesn't seem to notice or care about what other people think about him.

What’s the advantage of being around people who have similar outlooks and interests?

If you’re with people who have similar interests you could work together on projects and talk about the same things. Gerald shares similar interests with his friends, Andy and Rob in basketball, so he feels happy and liked by others and accepted.

Why do you think young people use drugs\alcohol?

To fit in with people you feel you want to be like.

Gerald doesn't do drugs and he feels like any normal person who has friends etc... without drugs.

Are drugs/alcohol a problem for teenagers?

No because I personally don’t know anyone that does drugs and mostly the statistics aren't very high in percentage.

Gerald doesn't do drugs and he knows their bad, But his mom and do drugs and Gerald doesn't seem to care, as long as Jordan stays away from Angel.

In the video, one teen said she ’’swears 90 percent of this population smokes dope.’’ Is this true in your school?

Not really 90%, but a lot of people do smoke ’’dope’’, I’m not so sure if a lot of kids do it in our school but I know not of the people but in general some do.

Gerald doesn't talk about dope nor does he do it. Gerald protects his sister and his mom from Jordan, his step dad, he doesn't have time for dope, etc...

At what point does using drugs or alcohol become a problem?

At the point where it starts to control your life.

Gerald doesn't do drugs, though his mom does, she looks for any excuse to go out and drink, as does Jordan.

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