Comrade Napoleon's Bath Tubs

Animals Are to Share Rations to Clean the Faces of the Farm

Comrade Napoleon Believes In Us

We've conquered the windmill, Snowball, and the battles against the humans. Four legs good, two legs bad! We pigs are the faces of the farm. If we are not clean, the other farms will not take us seriously. We don't want Jones or Snowball to attack us again right. We must be as alert as a wolf in spotting weaknesses in our defense. Animal farm will blossom, thrive, and prosper if we share our rations so we can buy baths for the good of Animal Farm. Long live Animal Farm! Long live Comrade Napoleon!

Items We Need:

Old Major Would Agree With This

This is not against the will of Old Major. Four legs good, two legs bad. We are not mimicking anything humans do. We are simply washing ourselves with water to look clean instead of using mud in order to gain respect from other farms. Our father, friend, and brother, Napoleon, has checked through the books of Old Major to confirm that this is not only the right thing to do, it is also a must have if we don't want humans to take control. "We will surely be hurt, defeated, tortured, killed, and eaten if humans take control of us after our successful rebellion. We don't want to put ourselves in danger of this right. Jones will kill every animal on Earth if we let him, for he is as deadly as poison and as evil as a snake. Long live Animal Farm. Long live Comrade Napoleon.

Long Live Animal Farm! Long Live Comrade Napoleon!

We Need Bathtubs!