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November 2019

First eLearning Day...Was It a Success?

Griffith Public Schools is taking a moment to review the data from the parent, student, and teacher surveys regarding our first official eLearning Day! We will utilize the feedback from these surveys to improve our next eLearning Day experience! Thank you all for taking the time to send us your thoughts and feelings on that day!

What did our teachers do that day?

Our teachers worked with outside consultants to create our first eLearning Day experience for your students. During our first eLearning Day, our teachers not only answered questions from students and parents, but they also participated in professional development with the outside consultants. We are only going to get better throughout this year as we continue to create blended learning experiences for your child!

Please take the time to enjoy some photos we took that day!

Griffith Parents and Community...Did You Know?

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November 14, 2019

Dear Griffith Public Schools Parents:

This letter is to inform you that Griffith Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

While this cancellation was not included in the original 2019/20 GPS district calendar, I hope this advance notification will provide you with the necessary time to make arrangements for your children. This missed day will be made up on April 13, 2020. This make-up day will be an eLearning Day.

Why are we closing on November 19, 2019? On this day, teachers and supporters of Public Education, such as myself, will participate in Red for Ed Day in Indianapolis. This is an opportunity for teachers and public education supporters, such as myself, to make their voices heard by Legislatures during the Organizational Day for the 2020 legislative session. We’re joining together on this day in Indianapolis with our teachers to demand the same opportunities for our students, increased funding to public schools, and salaries that other teachers around the nation receive! Thousands of educators and supporters across the state plan to attend. As a result of this, many school districts across the state of Indiana are closing to support their efforts and to participate alongside our educators.

I, along with the support of the school board, made the decision to close based upon the following:

a. 40% of teachers and staff will be attending the event from Griffith Public Schools, and this will make it difficult to provide the necessary supervision and instruction for our students.

b. Utilizing an eLearning Day was not an option as teachers attending the rally would not be available to assist our students with their assignments.

c. The administration and school board supports all of our Griffith Public Schools teachers!

If you would like more information regarding the Red for Ed event, the information can be found at

I appreciate your understanding in this matter, and I hope you publicly support our Griffith Public Schools teachers and staff on this day as you continually do each and every day! Griffith Public Schools is Red for Ed!


Michele A. Riise, Superintendent

Take a Look at All of the Positives Happening in the District!

I Remember Mama Highlights

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Griffith Police Department...Bussing for Beards

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Trivia Night at Griffith Middle/High School

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Holiday Toy Drive...Please Donate Today!

Dear Griffith Community:

This year, we have the pleasure of partnering with Griffith Emergency Fund in Neighbors Helping Neighbors Holiday Toy Drive. If you would like to help, you're welcome to drop off new, unwrapped toys; teen socks or teen blankets to our office at 1939 W Glen Park Avenue during business hours starting November 13th until December 6th, 2019.

This is a wonderful chance to make sure everyone in our community enjoys a little bit of holiday cheer this season.

Please contact our office for additional information and a complete list of the items needed.


Shawn H GrahamLori Rose

Financial AdvisorBranch Office Administrator

Please note: Edward Jones and its associates cannot accept monetary donations.