Thinking and Language

By: Abby Richmond

The University of Oklahoma

Concept/Prototype of College

I think that college will be at a completely different level than what high school is at. In college you will be all on your own with many more responsibilities and you will be held accountable for everything.

Problem Solving Methods

Trial and Error

In order to find just the right college you have tour multiple different ones. You may have an idea or might be thinking of one in particular but you might get to the tour for that college then find out that it isn't the one for you. This is where trial and error takes place. You go visit a handful of different ones then narrow it down to a couple that you could see yourself at.


When choosing your roommate(s) in college you want someone who is similar to you in ways such as how tidy they keep their room, personality, and even how late and how early they wake up. If you don't already have your roommate most colleges will have you take a survey that will match you up with someone else who has similar qualities as you. This kind of algorithm can come in handy when trying to find a college roommate!


When you are in college you want to be comfortable and feel at home. Using heuristics you can easily make judgments about each particular college that allows you to figure out the pros and cons. Heuristics also allow you to break down the process of choosing a college into a less stressful situation,


Choosing a major can be something that you think about for a very long time. You want to choose something that you and enjoy and make sure it is something that you know for sure you can get a real job with it. For some people they knew almost immediately and for others they have to think about it for what seems like forever but then one day it just hits you. This is insight taking place, the sudden realization of a solution.

Confirmation Bias

Once you have an idea of what you what do and what you are looking for in a college you will go out of your way just to find a college that fits your wants and needs. Despite the negatives of that certain you will ignore those and simply focus on your preconceptions.

Mental Set

A mental set predisposes how we think, we use how we solved a previous problem to try and solve a new one. A mental set can sometimes lead you to the wrong answer however because your approach to the problem is wrong. When picking a college you can not go about it the same way we did when picking classes in high school.


Intuition is almost like insight. It's just like a light bulb has turned on. Intuition is when you don't have any kind of reasoning it is just an instinctive feeling. When visiting a college it you will know if that one is right for you by intuition. You will not be able to really explain why you like it or why it is right for you but you'll know by that gut feeling that it is.

Representative Heuristic

When picking a college you will want to know what the environment around it is like. Someone from up north may want to come down south to Texas because they think it is hot here all year long. This representative heuristic because they are judging the college based on its matching prototype of being in the south.

Availability Heuristic

When choosing the University of Oklahoma the availability heuristic effected my decision. My dad is from Oklahoma and I have a lot of connections to Oklahoma which gives me that emotional link and so everytime I think about colleges OU always comes to mind due to it being so easily accessed in my memory.


Right now I am set on going to OU and I am pretty confident that I will enjoy it and fit right in. However I know that there will be some downsides, but I am overestimating the accuracy of my judgments. Overconfidence can possibly lead me to disappointment if I get OU and find out that it is not what I was expecting.

Belief Perseverance

I believe that OU is the place for me to take one more step to go get a college education. People will argue that it is not the best college to attend to because of this and that and will have many different reasons but I still want to attend OU. This is belief perseverance because despite the cons of OU I still strongly believe that it is one of the best places for me.


When choosing a college to attend I had to make some compensations. Everything can not be exactly how you want it. One thing is that some colleges will not let freshman have a car unless they pay extra. Something else may be that that particular college will not accept all of your credits that you earned in high school. When choosing a college you just have to weigh the pros and cons and figure out if you can deal with some of the negatives.