Is cartoons bad for the health

About me.

My name is Tatyana Ramsey and I attend F.L Schlagle High school. I'm 16 years old and I play basketball, sing in the choir, Drama. I'm very creative when it comes to drawing cartoons and humans. Having support when im doing stuff is very incredible because it push me more to do more.

What Tatyana knows about Cartoons.

As far as I know now about cartoons is that they are very interesting and can catch you mind quickly about things. Not saying you have to really pay attention but it can make you act like the cartoons. Also while watching it can have life learning lessons, think twice about doing stuff.

How does Cartoons effect children?

To me Cartoons made me who I am today. I'm a very humorous person I love to have fun. If we didn't have them where would our entertainment be? Cartoons are life even though I don't like watching t.v that much. One thing i know if i don't have nothing else to do I can pull up a cartoon on my phone. I don't see a problem yet to know what's wrong with me. I'm not perfect but i know its good to watch sometimes.

Explantion Topic

Why does people say Cartoons can change the behavior in kids? What about adults who watch cartoons, how is the difference? Cartoons is the smoothing of the brain because we need time laugh a good things we may not have in our homes. We have to have a childhood so we can remember things that's been great to us. I certainly believe its been good my 16 years of watching cartoons because I remember my childhood cartoons.
I would say to all kids keep watching it if it makes you satisfied. It's not like we can watch cartoons 24/7 so it shouldn't be hassle of why we can't have entertainment. We can do what we please if you me? But everyone is not me. So keep moving to be the great.
The Amazing World Of Gumball The Oracle.mp4
This video is about the fun in cartoons and joy, excitement. One of my favorites.