Ms. Cáceres' Class

Weekly Newsletter


Welcome Parents and Students. The purpose of this letter is to inform you what will be going on in our classroom during the week.This is the first letter I am sending home and I would like to share with you what my plans are. My Preschool classroom is about learning, along with rules, and expectations. In order for this to happen I need your help, I want our classroom to be a community, which include: parents, student, and teacher. The three subjects together form a team. These are the years where the student learns skills for the real world, and that is why I am asking that we communicate effectively. Each week I will be sending a letter to share the information I will be showing the students. The following are skills I will be teaching my students this week of November 11th, 2013. If there is any kind of issue please inform me using the contact information at the end of the letter. I look forward to working with you.

In addition:

This Newsletter is also available in Spanish for those parents who signed a petition.

If I missed you or need the form in a different language please inform me, and we will attempt to get the resources needed as soon as possible.


Math is very important in our society. Texas TEKS ( the lessons mandated by the state of Texas by law) state that by the end of the year students should know numbers 0-9.

One of my first lessons involve introducing students with "What are Numbers"? In my first lesson, I used an "I Do, You Do, We do" lesson plan which I will be using for most of my lessons. (You may ask to request a copy or any other resources you may be curious about.) In my I do , part I will introduce my students with the number 0, a number usually ignored, and an introduction to number the one. My We do part Students and I learn to "show" what the numbers 0 and 1 look like. In the You do part students should be attempting to apply the number's zero and one to daily life scenarios. For example, the student should be able to observe and identity that if a cookie jar is empty, it means there are zero cookies in it.

Language Arts

At the end of the Pre-School year, students will know their ABC's ( alphabet), consonants, and vowels.

Each week I will have a "letter" of the week tied with an animal. For example, this week I will have the letter "A", and the animal we will learn about is an alligator.


Although not all students are able to read at this age. I have story time, where I read a short book to the class. I will take the class to the library once a week so students learn to become familiar with books. They will also get an opportunity to "borrow" them according to Preschool or individual level. Students will learn how to hold a book, and knowing the basic of the part. For example, the front, bank, and spine of the book. The will also learn about pages, and how American society read from left to right.

We will be having story time, and during this part of the day I will have students interact by answering the story's questions. That way I am confident and making sure students are attaining the material. At the same time they will be learning how to think "critically" and problem solve.

This week's book is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.


Science is very important because school age student's are just beginning to live. They have questions, and they are curious. My plan is to show them basics of a life cycle. I will have a classroom "plant", and a Pet, (a caterpillar). In which The book, "The Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle will be introduced.

With both activities, the students and I will be keeping a log of what we observe. At the end of the year students will be able to use tools such as rulers, and plastic thermometers, and identify changes in the environment.

This week, each student will save a juice or milk carton from the cafeteria. In their I will provide them with soil to put inside the carton, and provide each student with a bean seed to plant in it.

In addition, We will introduce our caterpillar, and name it.

Social Studies

Students will learn about their community. They will learn about firefighters, policemen/woman, military, coast guards, and many other resources used in an emergency.

This week we will learn about policemen.

In addition, each week I will be introducing a flag, this week it will be our Great Texan flag.

We will also be learning about ethnicities because it is a way to learn to respect and understand one another.

This week we will be learning about the Vietnamese culture.

Art and Physical Education

Art and Physical Education are very important specially at this age. Students should be able to express themselves in a positive form, and Art is one of those escapes. There are many different forms of art. I think it is important because it gives an opportunity to shine where others cannot.

I am not an art teacher but, Pre-school students of this age have an exciting imagination. Many of our assignment are hand on, and creations of their minds, of coarse in tied to the lesson. Students of this age learn my doing, touching, and feeling, that is why I have chosen the route of doing hand on learning.

Students should begin health habits at an early age, which is why I encourage exercise. At this age students have so much energy waiting to be expressed.

Recess is essential to school age kids. Once their energy is run down, it is easier for them to obtain material once it's lesson time

Things to Know

  • This week's theme is "country."
  • We will be dressed in theme this Friday to celebrate "country style".
  • This week's ethnicity is Vietnamese.
  • Waiver forms for field trips are available in class and on-line.

About Field Trips

In order for these trips to happen four (4) things must be approved:

1. Majority of parents must approve the trip

2. A waiver for a student to come on the trip must be signed

3. Student behavior depends on wither they have the privilege to attend the closest upcoming field trip

4. Number of parent/adult ratio must be met. ( all chaperones must pass a background check through the CARE ISD)

Planned field trips:

  • Children's Museum ( Nov 18th)
  • Fire station( Decemeber 15th)
  • Animal Shelter or Farm ( January 21st)
  • The Beach or Aquarium( February 15th)
  • Local Park (March 15th)
  • Science Museum ( March 30th)
  • Art Museum ( April 15th)
  • History Museum ( May 15th)

In addition:

As you can see I have 8 field trips planned, not all of them will be able to follow through.

I feel that these locations are best suited for the student(s) environment because they cover over subjects that we will be learning in our classroom community.

Next week's events

Monday, Nov. 18th, 8-10am

2501 Texas 50

Commerce, TX

Here students will have an opportunity to explore and learn about different environments. A waiver must be signed and turned for permission By Monday November 11th, 2013.

Students not attending will stay in Mr. Knowledge's class, I will leave school work for the day.

About the Teacher

My name is Ms. Susan E Cáceres. I hold a Bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies with a Certificate of Teaching grades ( EC-6) Generalist from the University of Houston. I am bilingual in Spanish and English, with Spanish being my first language. My interest has always been to work with young children. On my spare time I like to jog, and eat. My favorite food is Italian. My best friend is my Labrador, Foofa, she is 3 years old. My parents are from El Salvador, and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I moved to Houston at age 18. The University of Houston caught my attention because of its diverse career options. I started off as a psychology major with a the goal of being a therapist for children with low-self-esteem. I took an HDFS ( Human Development and Family Studies) class, and I enjoyed learning the subject. I have learned many things and I am glad to have gained all that knowledge so I can share it to help our future, our students.

My philosphy is that Early Childhood is the foundation to life, which is the reason why I am here. My intentions are to do the best that I can, however I cannot do this alone. I need everyone who is involved with the child to help me help them. The main interest in this classroom is your child, and our goal is to make their "little" light shine.