William Penn

The Road to Glory

By Seth Faulkner


William Penn helped Pennsylvania in a lot of ways. A quote he said was '' Right is right even if everyone is against it wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it' With the $16,000 King Charles III owed Penn's father, he both 45,000 square miles of land. Penn expanded his land with help of his workers. Most of the labor work was done by his slaves. He did a lot of trades with other people to help keep Pennsylvania going. Penn did a lot to expand his land, keep it going and He did it all with having a hard time.


Penn was a big reason for Pennsylvania with the money he got he was free to go. Penn was a quaker they believed all violence was wrong, and that problems should be solved peacefully with no fighting. They would not fight the king they did not like guns that made the king happy. Quakers were treated unfairly in England that is why they left. Penn wanted quakers to refuge and leave the mean English people. That is one of the big reasons Penn left England.

Corn was used for trading

Expanding The Land

William Penn expanded his land with workers and trades. He got the land with the Kings money. He did not do a lot of farm work, he did office work. He made trades with other colonies to get more goods. The slaves were the farm workers Penn did more office work. He had his workers grow different crops to make trades. He traded and worked to get goods to expand his land

Hard Times

William Penn wanted a land where any one could live. That was hard to do because Lenape Indians live near the Delaware River. Swedish and Dutch settlers had been in the regions since the 1620s. In the 1680s Penn invited Europeans but they bought African slaves. That was a very hard time.


William Penn lived a great but hard life. He did the job of expanding his land. He believed in his religious beliefs. He still expanded his land even with the hard times