Task #1

High Performing Organizations and Managers

Amazon.com Inc

How does Amazon.com Inc prove to be a top-notch firm?

  • Through their treatment of employees
  • Their expansion to other markets
  • Customer Service

Amazon.com's Treatment of Their Employees

  • Employees taught 14 leadership principle rules when first hired
  • Employees given chance to cooperate,share, and object colleagues idea
  • Amazon is run differently then a typical company

Amazon.com's Expansion to Other Markets

  • Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Tablet are all Amazon made products
  • Company has expanded from selling other companies products to making and merchandising their own products

Amazon.com's Customer Service

  • Company offers a variety of shipping services to accommodate consumer needs.
  • "Amazon Prime Air" will revolutionize the shipping industry.
  • Amazon also offers other services that help aid their customers.
Blake Mycoskie on the Mission Behind Toms

Blake Mycoskie

What effective leadership qualities does Blake Mycsokie demonstrate?

  • Involvment
  • Commitment
  • Visionary/Inspiried

Blake's Involvement

  • Created a business model after being concerned for the well being of the children in Argentina.
  • Involved in the shoe making process.
  • Traveled to Argentina to deliver the shoes once TOMS took off.

Mycoskie's Commitment

  • Dedicated to the cause of helping children in Argentina that don’t have any shoes.
  • Committed and dedicated by extending his stay in Argentina to start up the business.
  • Worked out of his apartment along with his interns.

Blake Mycoskie's Vision and Inspiration

  • Had a vision to help disadvantaged individuals through the "One for One" business model.
  • Became inspired to found "Shoes for Better Tomorrows" after returning from a trip to Argentina.
  • Was also inspired to provide sunglasses through the "One for One" model.