Madrid, spain

by elvin carcamo


It will take 11 hours and 45 min to get the

Iwill have to travel 4,941 to get to Madrid, Spain from Houston i will

take my friend dead and edger

I will have to go in a ariplane

We will stay there for 2 weeks

Madrid facts

  • the only citez that get more suney days in europe
  • Madrid has been the capital of spain since the 17th centary
  • the pupolating of madrid is 3 million
  • Acording to FIFA, RE Madrid FC is the most succesful club in the 20th centary
  • Madrid has two main realrode one goes north one goest south


I will stay in NH Madrid Baloba Hotel

They charge 92 doller per night they have a work out aria ,they have, brefest avalabul

I will need to pack shorts becouse it is ot going to be cold also i wiil back soccer someting nice to closh


the cost of the airplane ticket will cost 4,500 for 3 person