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How did World War One begin?

Serbia assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Austria-Hungary declared war on the Serbian empire. The nations of the world begin to take sides. The Allied Powers were the following countries France, Serbia, Russia, and Great Britain. The US joined the Allied Powers after a while.

Why did the US enter World War One ???

The Germans sunk the Lusitania. The US was not happy. It made them change their minds about taking part in the war. They had a policy for isolationism. This meant that the US wanted to be neutral and let others countries handle their on problems.

Technology during World War One

During World War One both the Central and Allied Powers used deadly gases and machines during the war. Deadly weapons and tanks. That is about the time that the airplane came in handy. When the soldiers were on land and in the air. They used a mask that was to protect them from deadly gases on the battlefield. Another one was to protect them in the air whlie they were flying.

How the War ended!!!!

World War One stopped when Germany felt defeated. They made the Treaty of Versailles the Allied Powers invited all nations except Germany. The Germans were not excited by that choice. In the Treaty of Versailles the choices were harsh punishments for Germany including having a certain number of men in the army. The Treaty of Versailles was around 1919. Most people had nicknames for the war. One common one was the war to end all wars. The people named it that because they could not imagine another war like the first one.