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2015 - 2016 Unit 5

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Unit 5: Patterns, Functions, and Change

Unit Overview

  • In this unit, students describe and represent ratios, use tables to represent and predict change, and work with numeric sequences as they construct and describe patterns. Students extend repeating patterns and determine which element of the pattern will be in a particular position.

Big Ideas

  • Constructing, describing, and extending number pattern
  • Tell time to the nearest five minutes

BCPS Unit 5 Newsletter

Vocabulary for Unit 4

I Can Statements

Essential Questions

How are numbers represented?

Numbers can represent quantity, position, and relationships.

What are efficient ways to count?

Counting finds out the answer to “how many” in objects/sets, and the method depends on the size of the quantity being counted.

What are flexible, effective, and efficient methods of computation?

Flexible methods of computation involve grouping numbers in strategic ways.

What strategies can be used to identify and continue numerical sequences?

Patterns can be generalized.

What are units of measurement for time and how are they used?

Standard units provide a common language for communicating measurement accurately.

What do good problem solvers do?

Mathematical problem solvers apply a variety of strategies and methods to solve problem situations and can support their solutions with reasons and evidence.

What are attributes of two-dimensional shapes?

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects can be described, classified, and analyzed by their attributes.


Every Thursday, students will be given Dreambox time for homework. However they are encouraged to practice their math skills on Dreambox beyond the given Thursday homework.


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