by: Jaimie Kang

The First Occurrence

The first occurrence of ghosts is from the Bible, more specifically the first book of Samuel. The story tells of how Saul goes to a medium (a woman that hath a familiar spirit) and asks her to conjure up a deceased Samuel. In the end, Samuel appears in the form of "an old man covered with a mantle".

The Mystery of Ghosts

A ghosts' past can be associated with haunted places. Emotions, an occurrence, former home, or death place are some examples as to why ghosts may haunt a certain place. A few unusual things that may happen when a place is haunted are strange noises, lights, odors, breezes, displacement of objects, music, etc.

Modern Day Research

There is a lot of debate on whether or not ghosts are real. Some scientists, such as Dr. Colvin, prove that ghosts do exist. Dr. Colvin proved their existence by conducting an experiment at different haunted places which concluded in the fact that when haunting, ghosts make unique wave forms when compared to any other sound in the world. Scientists also proved that gaining pleasure from troubling someone, satisfying their desires/cravings, seeking revenge, and tormenting seekers of God are what ghosts want from us. A major contribution is also Albert Einstein, who suggests their existence by explaining different worlds and dimensions.


Some people think that ghosts are telepathic images. There are also theories that ghosts are projections of our subconscious minds (visions of people who are scared of death), results of time slips, or bits of our imagination coming to life.

Top 10 Most Famous Ghosts

1. Abraham Lincoln

2. Anne Boleyn

3. The Flying Dutchman

4. The Hitchhiker's Ghost

5. The Brown Lady of Raynham Court

6. Amityville Ghosts

7. Stanley Hotel

8. Bloody Mary

9. The Bell Witch

10. Poltergeist of Hampton Court

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