by Duy Tran

The culture and peoples of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria consists of 6,924,716 peoples with 77% of the population being ethnic Bulgarians.

Most Bulgarians are Christians, the Orthodox Church (Eastern) claims about 60% of the Bulgarian population.

Some Bulgarian holidays includes New Years (1 Jan.), Baba Marta Day (Also known as Grandma's March Day)(1 Mar.), National Day of Freedom and Independence (3 Mar.), Easter, the Day of Bulgarian Culture and Science (24 May), and Christmas Day (25 Dec.). And on Name Days (immen den).

Population: 7,364,570 (From the 2011 census)

Language: Bulgarian

Food: Bulgarian food is similar to food from Greece and Turkey, some of which includes Shopska salad, Tarator and Gyuvech.

The Bulgarian Anthem (Link above)

The goverment of Bulgaria

Parliamentary Republic

Bulgaria is ran by a Parliamentary Republic, which the country became in 1931, which includes a president and a prime minister, there is also a National Assembly.

President: Rosen Plevneliev
Prime Minister: Boyko Borisov

Breaking news!

Bulgaria bids farewell to 'Democracy Hero' Zhelev.

Sunday, Feb. 1st, 11:45am

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Sofia-city

Bulgaria's first non-communist president Zhelev, who was a hero in the Balkan countries, passed away on February 1.2015 at 11:45 AM.
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Some landmarks of Bulgaria