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Counselor's Office

As we head in to November, counseling groups are getting under way. Counseling groups are formed based on common need, recommendations from teachers, and parent referrals.

Current counseling group examples:

* Changing Families

* Grief/loss

* Self - regulation

* Coping Skills

* Friendship and Confidence

* Worries/anxiety

Please let me know if you have concerns about your child or if you think they might benefit from a counseling group. School counseling is meant to be brief and solution focused. If I have concerns that extend past 8-10 weeks, I reach out to families to make community counseling recommendations.

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In the Classroom

Grades K-3 We are getting in to my favorite lessons of Emotion Management. All classrooms will be able to identify different feelings, notice how those feelings feel in our bodies (are they comfortable or uncomfortable feelings?), and work on skills to calm down strong feelings. We focus on the calm down steps of: Say STOP (to yourself, or use another stop signal), Name how you are feeling, use a calm down strategy. Calm Down strategies that I teach are: calming breaths, counting, and using self-talk.

Grades 4-5 We are working on building empathy and showing compassion by exploring topics such as respecting differences, conversations, compliments, and asking to join in.

These are all life long skills that our students need to be successful humans. It is great if you are able to practice at home!

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Be an Upstander

We just finished talking about being Assertive in all classrooms. Being assertive means using a calm, respectful voice to communicate what you want or need. Being assertive may require bravery and confidence and takes practice. Students practice being assertive when asking for help or when helping others by standing up for them.
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Fill The Dome

Eagles Student Council is excited to support our 6th annual efforts for the Fill the Dome food drive! Fill the Dome is a Student Led food drive, which collects food for the Great Plains Food Bank to alleviate hunger in our community.

We will be collecting non-perishable food items November 15 through November 19, with final weighing of items on Monday, November 22. The class that collects the most food in weight will have a popcorn party!

Thank you for considering!

Hear for the Kids

On our latest episode of Hear for the Kids, Carly and I talk about the importance of student activities with Fargo North's Activities Director.