Sammy Davis Jr.

By: Nauva Stokes


Sammy Davis Jr. a highly popular actor,dancer,comedian,and a singer.He was born December 8th in the big city called New York.Sammy known for films like Sergeants 3, and Ocean's 11. His parents split when Sammy was only 3 years old he lived with his father for awhile.

What happened from 1955-1970

His first albums

Sammy's first two albums came out in 1955,and the accident didn't slow down his ascent.He was involved in bombshell, with actress Kim Novak, in 1950, Sammy was married three times, he married to a singer by the name of Loray White,Then he married to a women named Britt in 1960, they had three kids together one kid was a girl that was their biological daughter then they adopted two boys.Then in 1970 who remaind until he died he was married to a girl named Altovise Gore