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December 11th

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What to ask?

Have a kiddo that is reluctant to talk about what they did at school all day? Here are a couple questions to get the conversation rolling;

  • Can you tell me one way to make the number 5? (i.e. 2+3=5 or ***** or 7-2=5)
  • Tell me one stop the Gingerbread Man has made this week and how does that country celebrate?
  • Who do you sit by at lunch?

Important Dates

  • Every Monday is library day- please send books back so we can get new ones
  • Friday, December Friday 18th: last day before break

  • Tuesday, January 5th: first day back after break

  • February 5th: TCE FAMILY S.T.E.A.M. NIGHT 5:30-7:30pm

  • December 21-January 4 is Winter Break (students do not attend on January 4th, this is a teacher work day)
  • December 18th will be our class party 1:45-2:45

Bunny "Sitting"

Our class has been so inspired by our new school pets, Mocha and Steve, the bunnies. The kids have asked if we could "bunny sit" them.

I told them that to be qualified "bunny sitters" we would need to do some serious preparations. The kids will be diving into all sort of non-fiction books about bunnies, measuring appropriate spaces, and writing about how to care for bunnies in preparation for furry visitors.

The bunnies will be kept in a crate in our classroom. I will be responsible for the cleaning up after these adorable pets. I will not require that any kiddo pet/hold/ care for either of the bunnies. If there is anyone that would prefer that their child not have the "bunny sitting" experience or has an allergy please let me know and I will make an alternate plan.

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Just a friendly reminder to send WARM coats and gloves and hats with your little peep. We go out most days and I've had some very chilly little people this week. =) Thanks!

I will happily take donations of gloves for our class to use when someone doesn't have pair.

Academic Highlights

Our language arts focus this week was identifying the characters in stories. We talked about how characters could be people or animals. There are also main characters and sub characters. We also are picking out the main characters in our math problem solving.

We are also working on using a variety of reading skills, like eagle eyes, this is when we use the beginning sound and use our picture clues to decode words.

The sight words for next week are: reviewing all words on the quarter 2 list. Quarter 3 starts after winter break, feel free to start working on that list! =)

In math, we are beginning to problem solve. We are developing multiple strategies to to get to the same answer. For example, picture strategies or drawing and using a ten frame. They are amazing at this! Our current focus is subtraction.

In writing we are learning to stretch our words and use spacing to make our writing easier to read.

Holidays around the World is our focus for Social Studies in December.

It has been another great week, thank you for sharing your children with me!

For more pictures and updates please follow me on Twitter @sbillTCE
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Classroom Wish List


  • In other news...
  • Our collection is growing and we are using many of the donated items already. I am attaching an altered list just in case you come across something else you would like to share!
  • There is much research that shows that students have a high interest in things that are "real". We are loving our new environment! They are creating and finding more connections than I ever dreamed!

  • tables (wood but any size or shape)
  • water color paint
  • paint brushes
  • mirrors
  • peg board
  • tacky glue (like from a craft store)
  • plastic mason jars
  • latches and locks
  • larger nuts and bolts
  • plants
  • planters
  • sand
  • wood frames
  • playdough
  • Discovery News

    Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week we continued our Healthy Foods and Exercise unit. We reviewed the foods groups using the website. Students also visited the computer lab to practice coding for the Hour of Code week. For Social Skills, we discussed putting our hands on our belly, naming our feeling, and taking several belly breaths when we are feeling upset.
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