What is My Next Step

Cassandra's Culminating Activity

Personal Profile

I have great organization, and people skills that will help me in my desired career as a Flight Attendant. I work well with other people and I also work well under pressure. I am a critical thinker and I enjoy meeting new people. I aspire to be a leader so my chosen career is great for me. I value helping others and making their day better.

Occupational Profile

My occupational interest is a Flight Attendant. I have work experience in customer service and sales that will help me be a successful flight attendant. To prepare to be a flight attendant I will need to take a class in French and apply for the necessary training. My learning styles are Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic which makes the flight attendant training and career suitable for me.

Desired Future

A French course and an ASL refresher course would really help me be successful in a Flight Attendant career. Not only would this avoid possible language barriers in my career field but it would also provide a better opportunity at getting into the training program and securing a job in the field. Certifications I may need are the required training run by the employing airport. There is also college courses that help you become more educated in the field and can provide a better chance at training acceptance. Another way I can achieve the skills I will need to become a Flight Attendant is by taking a hospitality based course.

Next Steps

My immediate next steps are enrolling in a French class and applying for Flight Attendant Training. I can speak to an advisor at the BLC to enroll in a French class and can use the online website to apply for the training. I can also use the email or phone number provided to ask questions I have about applying for training.