First Grade Fever

Bear Creek Elementary Weekly Newsletter: September 22-26

Inside Scoop- What Are We Learning this Week?

Language Arts
~ Short "a" words (_at, _an) and High Frequency (HF) Words
~ Pronouns
~ Text Connections (Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, Text-to-World)
~ Handwriting
~ This weeks spelling words: map, tap, nap, had, dad, mad, bad, ask, am, like, see, my, by, you, she, is, and

  • The test over short "a" and HF words will be this Friday, September 26!!
  • Last weeks words: bat, sat, hat, that, can, man, ran, fan


~ Number Sense to 50

  • Students need to be able to count forwards AND backwards from any number up to 50
~ Ways to represent a number (using manipulatives, pictures, tally marks, etc.)
~ Recognizing numbers in a ten frame


~ Properties of soil and rocks

Social Studies

~ What is a leader?

Side Notes from PTA

  • The World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser is underway. You must send in a permission form for your child to bring home a box of chocolate. Only one box per family. Chocolate will be processed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only. Would you like to volunteer to help process? Sign up here to volunteer!
  • Would your family like a BCE Student Directory? Join the PTA! All members will receive a copy of the directory. Membership is $8.50 per person.

Friendly Reminders

  • Math Homework continues this week. Please make sure your child is completing their homework every night and bringing it back to school with them everyday.
  • Our first spelling test will be on Friday. The test will be over the short "a" and HF words we have been practicing the past two weeks.
  • Progress reports will be sent home on Wednesday.