Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, & Mrs. Frye

November 8, 2019


Thank you to our community of amazing parent volunteers who made our Fall Parties fabulous!! We are so grateful for all that you do! The children had a wonderful time and loved the creative activities.

Language Workshop

Essential Question: How are people transformed through relationships?

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We learned a lot about relationships and how they can make a lasting impression upon ourselves and others. Each picture book above, lead us to think about how we too could make an impact on others each day by the words and actions we choose to live out. The characters that we met in these stories and analyzed collectively, inspired us. The intentional moves by both the illustrators and writers revealed the true character of each of the main characters. These books were filled with several significant themes that lead our learners to understand the importance of love, compassion, self control, and perseverance. We continue to learn so much from each other and about each other through these rich conversations!

Reader's Workshop

In Reader’s Workshop, our readers have been noticing details about characters by how they talk, what they do and do not do, and how they treat each other. Their analysis of the characters help them to develop inferences about the characters and their feelings and how their actions or reactions impact the story. Identifying lessons or a message that the authors may have intended for their readers is an ongoing process we journey through as we unpack books in our literature discussion groups or individually. Our questions about what we are reading, guide us to look back at the text to support our thinking.

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Writing Workshop

In our persuasive writing unit, we have learned how to share our opinions and convince others to think how we do. After writing our opinion/thesis statement students are asked to share several reasons and examples to support their opinion. We use the double stuffed oreo format to organize our writing. This week your son or daughter is focused on the revising and editing phase before they publish.

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Math Workshop

Our third graders are working hard in our new unit: multiplication and division strategies. This unit is primarily focused around problem solving as students are put into groups and asked to complete a math task together. As an introduction for multiplication, students are using new terms such as “groups of” and “...times as many as…” Problem solving is a key aspect of our students creating their own learning. They are figuring out how to collaborate as a group and how to respond when somebody does not agree with their strategy/answer. Once completed in a small group, we then take some time reflecting on the multiplication strategies that were seen. For example, grouping, skip counting, or repeated addition. Please see the Unit 3 newsletter on the button below for more information on how you can support our learners at home!

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Our second force and motion experiment focused on launching rubber stoppers using the flipper system. They discovered a cause and effect relationship between the length of the flip stick and the distance it traveled as well as the compression of the flip stick and how far the rubber stopper traveled. Now we are taking what we learned from our flipper system and pendulum experiments to do a final project. Students are designing rockets & using force and motion to launch them. They will create their rockets in the makerspace and test them to see how far they go. Then they will have the opportunity to notice what’s not working and go back to fix up in the makerspace.

Pajama Day!

The Student Council at Rose Glen is supporting an all school pajama day on Friday, November 15. Have your child wear their most comfy school appropriate PJ's on Friday to show their school spirit. Please no blankets/pillows. Stuffed animals should be small enough to fit in their backpacks.

Save the Date!

The 3rd grade music concert and showcase of excellence is coming up on Tuesday, December 3rd. Please mark this important date on your calendar. See you then!

2:40 Dress Rehearsal in gym

6:00 Showcase of Excellence in 3rd Grade Classrooms

Music Concert to follow in gym

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Six Flags Reading Program

For completing 6 hours of reading outside of school time, students in kindergarten through grade 5 are eligible to earn a free ticket for Six Flags Great America. Please register this fall using this link: Your child received a 2019-2020 Reading Log in their home folder on this week with their teacher’s code. If you choose to have your child(ren) participate in this program, you will be responsible to log your child’s reading using the link above. Your child may begin reading and recording his/her reading minutes any time! Completed reading logs are due by Wednesday, April 16th.