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Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Differentiation Opportunties

This school year I created an Extra learning opportunities newsletter to send to all stakeholders. Students had the opportunity to do replacement activities and earn +10 for class chat attendance. Additionally every module in my course contains a conditionally released enrichment or remediation assignment. Please visit the newsletters below for additional examples.
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Spring 2016 Differentiation and Enrichment

I posted a plethora of extra learning opportunities, enrichment options and resources in my course. Check out some below. Students enjoyed the opportunities to try alternative projects, participate in enrichment discussions, attend extra help sessions and investigate extra resources to further the learning experience.

October 2015 Differentiation - Review Video Vocative Case

For my visual and audio learners, I created a help video to review the vocative case Students were encouraged to watch the video and practice more with the concept through and extra learning opportunity.
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November 2015 Differentiation - Final Exam Review Guides

To help students review the content in preparation for final exams, I created 5 final review guides (one for each module in our course). The review guides contained a variety of exericises - traditional sample final exam questions, requirements to practice skills by completing in line learning objects again throughout the course and hands-on vocabulary notecards.
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Screenshots of final exam review guides