March 7-11


Students will decide the most meaningful aspects of their lives and learn how to design a life surrounding these elements.

Weekly Learning Goals

  • Students will identify interests and find connections to college majors
  • Students will track their progress is academic courses
  • Students will decipher the concept of how the world works and how people should act. They will also decide how this concept should be taught.

Monday, March 7

Weekly Log Due Today!

Do Now: Complete your TAG data for the 2/19 and 2/21

Road Trip Nation Lesson 10 - we will watch the video together and complete the online portion.

If you do not finish the journal, it will be homework.

Tuesday, March 8

Tutorials - come to class prepared!!!

Wednesday, March 9

We will watch the video together as class. Today, rather than doing the online discussion questions, we will do a journal entry to the following prompt:

Aleks Zavaleta asserts that students are not taught "how the world works and how we should treat each other." Do you agree or disagree? Do you think those concepts should be taught in school, or is that the job of parents, guardians, and the community? What are some subjects you wish were taught in school? Would you start your day early or stay are school late to learn those concepts?

Continue working in your RTN notebook.

Thursday, March 10

Tutorials - come to class prepared!!!

Friday, March 11

Today, we will be working on Khan Academy. You need to complete the mathematics diagnostic testing. If for some reason you did not complete the English portion, you need to do that as well.

The last weekly log of the quarter is due on Monday!!!