Teacher Leadership Academy

April 25, 2013

Good afternoon! Please sit with teachers from other schools. You'll definitely want to hear different perspectives today!

Chart Splash- Record a short summary of your IF's responses to each of the 5 interview questions on the charts.

Learning Targets for today...

  • I can fully understand what the role of a teacher coach (IF, BLC, etc.) entails.
  • I can more clearly define my own professional goals.

The FOCUS for today: Moving out of the classroom into a coaching role

The role of the IF

  • Video- 'What the IF role is like...'
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Small group discussion about the IF role
  • Whole group share out

Rewarding and Challenging...

Work with your group to create a presentation that represents the challenges and rewards of the IF role. You can use chart paper, whiteboards, technology, etc.

Reflecting on the IF role...

Thank you for spending your time with us! We have loved these sessions with you! Kim & Allison