Issues with All star diner

made By Tyler Gibbs and Jaymes Garner

Problem #1

The first risk old security system is not reliable anymore in the present day. you should update the old security system so you don't get robbed or broken into. How to fix this issue would be to update the security system

Problem #2

The second risk is that you have no way of identifying a stolen credit card or bad check. you should fix this problem so in the future you don't have people stealing other people money or your getting "fake" money. How you fix this issue is to ID credit card users and check the check numbers.

Problem #3

The third problem you have is you are under staffed. by being under staffed not only are you going to be busy non stop but your few employees that you have can easily pocket money that's supposed to go in the register without being seen. you should fix this so not only you wont be busy but you wont have money stolen. you can fix this by simply hiring more staff

Problem #4

Another big problem is your current staff, they are all college students and you don't know them well. why this is a bad thing is teenagers are more likely to steal money from your company especially since they don't know you that well. this is bad because you will lose money. you can fix this by hiring more experienced people that are a little bit older.

Problem #5

The fifth problem is In the act of a kitchen fire and the showers turn on the kitchen floor gets extremely wet causing hazardous environment where someone can get hurt. you need to fix this issue so none of you staff gets hurt. how to fix this would be to red the floor and drain system do it would drain better.

Problem #6

The sixth problem is that since you staff is teenage and they like to hoarse around they pose a risk of falling in the deep fryer and getting hurt badly. you need to crack down on discipline so no one gets hurt