Yellowstone National Park

By: Nick Lawson

Yellowstone National Park

When you go to Yellowstone, you will be amazed by the sites that you see. Yellowstone is the Worlds largest collection of Geysers, including the world famous Old Faithful.
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Board Walks

While at Yellowstone National Park, they're are board walks that you can go to and see all the wonders that are there. You will see different colors in the water but it does smell like rotten eggs so be aware of that.

Yellowstone Hotels

There are hotels scattered around Yellowstone that you can stay at.

Yellowstone Video

Yellowstone Wildlife

There are many types of wildlife in Yellowstone. Some include bison, different types of bears, birds, bighorn sheep and many other animals.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful is the most famous geyser in Yellowstone Nation Park. It erupts about every 45 to 1:30 and each eruption last about 2-5 minutes. It erupts about 3,700 gallons every time and get to a temp. of over 200 degrees F
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Mammoth Hot Springs

This is a hot spring that is full of color, with hot water having different colors.
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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

This canyon is a large canyon that has many hiking trails for viewing spots or a nice picnic. It's about 20 miles long and has great waterfall with it.