The Corps Discovery

By:Alexei Strickler

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the person who made the Louisiana purchase. He then sent Mary Weather Lewis to explore the land. Lewis Invited William Clarke to help him on the journey.

Lewis and Clark

Lewis brought people that could actually help on the journey. Like Clarke he was a mapper and Lewis was interested in finding new plants and animals.

Here is what they look like

Native American people and tribes


Sacagawea was only sixteen when she went with Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Sacagawea was a big help to Lewis and Clark because she showed them plants that are edible and she spoke two native American Languages which helped when they were trading with natives. Also Sacagawea was pregnant on the journey and gave birth to him while still adventuring.


On their journey Lewis and Clark discovered around 9 different tribes such as The Osage, The Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Mandan, Blackfeet, Flathead, Shoshone, and the Nez Perce. Sacagawea was from the Cheyenne Tribe. Sacagawea later found her brother Cameahwait he was the leader of Shoshone gave them horses.


Lewis's Dog

Lewis purchased a newfoundland dog for $20.00 in 1803 and he named him Seaman. Lewis would often explore with his dog. Seaman would alert Lewis and Clark of unexpected guests. He also saved their lives when a large buffalo bull got near the tent but Seaman changed its course.
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New Discoveries

Lewis discovered 133 new animals consisting of bears, fish, birds, snakes, goats, Wolves, and many more. And 186 different plants.


Clark is the only person in the corps that drew the maps. He drew 140 maps and they collected 30 from indians, fur traders, and traders.