Red Star

City Of Thieves

Mother Russia!

Compatriots! Comrades! Eternal glory to the heroes who have given their lives for freedom and the happiness of our nation!


Nine Lashes - Never Back Down

Paths Cross

Lev, a seventeen year old boy of Leningrad. His father, a famous poet, was taken and killed by the NKVD for his poetry. His mother and younger sister left Leningrad as soon as the German siege began. Lev stayed and became chief of a small fire fighting team in his building. After looting a dead Germans corpse on New Years Eve he is taken prisoner by NKVD patrols. After being locked in a dark and dreary cell for a few hours he is accompanied by a nine-teen year old militant deserter, Kolya. The two are then left to ponder their apparent execution.
Mortar fire incoming sound effect
WW II Dogfights in Colour

A New Friendship

Morning arrives and the two thieves are rudely awakened from their cell and ushered to a militant vehicle waiting outside the prison. after a lengthy ride they are astonished upon their location, they are outside an abandoned mansion now used as an office by NKVD higher ups. Here they are assigned their task; if they wish to keep their lives and get their ration cards back they must find one-dozen eggs in war ridden Russia by the weeks end for the generals daughters wedding cake.

A Different Kind of War

Throughout their adventure the two boys endure many hardships, whether it be the Nazi soldiers constantly hunting them (Man vs Society), landmines(Man vs Society), Starvation(Man vs Society), Jealousy(Man vs Self), and even death itself(Man vs Nature).