Danielson Framework Domain 1

Christina Hataway 2015-2016

Domain 1A

Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
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I meet on a regular basis with classroom teachers to plan lessons that encompass both the curriculum and Technology objectives. I also discuss the best methods for modifying work for specific students.

Domain 1B

Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

Domain 1C

Setting Instructional Outcomes

Domain 1D

Demonstrating Knowledge of Resouces

Domain 1E

Designing Coherent Instruction
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This artifact is just one example of how I use a variety of resources when planning my instruction. When planning units or lessons, I always consider the student learning outcomes. As a technology teacher my learning outcomes are always based on multiple content skills.

When planning my technology lessons I make sure to provide logical sequencing of skills, rigorous instruction, activities that required higher level thinking, and use of appropriate resources and tools to advance students through the content material.

Domain 1F

Designing Student Assessments
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Second Grade Smoking Poster

One example of a formative assessment I developed is the Smoking Poster in 2nd grade. The students were given the choice which application they would use. The assessment needed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of graphic design, specifically: placement of title and text; use of color; font choice and size of text; and selection and placement of images.