Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 7 Monday 25th - Friday 29th May

Dates for the Diary

Vesak, Public Holiday - Monday 1st June

End of year Mathematics test - Friday 5th June

Celebration of Learning - Tuesday 9th June

End of term - Friday 12th June

Next week's virtue of the week is: TRUST

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Language Arts

This week, the children have continued writing persuasive letters for specific purposes linked to their IPC unit. They now know that writing persuasively involves the expression, sequencing and linking of points, the use of examples and evidence to develop points logically, pre-empting or answering of potential objections and appealing to known views and feelings of the audience. Many children have successfully completed their letters convincing a chosen audience of effective ways to stop deforestation, and are in the process of publishing their work.

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The children have continued their investigations on world trade. They have created maps to show their own imports and have analysed them looking for trends. We have discussed the many factors which influence a country's resources; including climate, relief, human resources and economy.

The children enjoyed discussing the different places we import our goods from and showed great thoughtfulness in deciding if our goods were needs and wants, necessities or luxuries. The children are beginning to see how our actions, however small, can have a large impact on other people and the environment.

We have encouraged the children to be observant over the long weekend to see if they can find any examples of global or local businesses and services as we will be looking at these in more detail next week.


The Grade 5 children are revising the topics that they have learnt for the whole semester. While working on their revision, the children will have to think about the topics that they would like to practice at home. The children are strongly encouraged to revise the semestral reviews in their activity books.

The Grade 5 accelerated children are also working on Algebra at the moment. They will be able to explain what Algebra is, simplify Algebraic expressions and solve word problems involving Algebra by the end of the topic.

The Grade 5 children are reminded to get their stationery ready for their exam; pencils, erasers, highlighters, rulers and most importantly, calculators!

Homework Week 8

IPC - Preparation for the Great Debate. Children will be given role cards to focus on specific points to research.

Submission Date Monday 8th June

Writing - Complete research plan for persuasive writing on a topic of your choice. Submission Date Friday 5th June

Mathematics - Task set my teacher.

Monday's task due in on Wednesday 3rd June

Wednesday's task due in on Friday 5th June

Grade 6 Extended Expedition

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that we have booked our expedition to Telunas Beach Resort, Sigu Island, Indonesia for the next academic year.

This expedition departs on Monday 1st February and returns in time for the end of the school day on Friday 5th February 2016. (School is closed 8th - 12th February.)

Please note that this expedition, for students in the extended programme, runs up to the Chinese New Year holiday period, so please make your travel plans for that week carefully.

We will have more information about this expedition at our Year Ahead meetings at the start of the next academic year.