SOAR to a BRIGHT future

september 4

Thank you for all your hard work in preparing your classrooms and the building. Every teacher here has impressed me with the amount and quality of work that was put in to your room in dedication to kids.

We are ready to SOAR

Here are some pictures of the things we worked on this past several days and some things we will have in place in our rooms as our students arrive. Open House was great and I think it says that 2015-16 is going to be a SOARING GREAT year.

One of many great Important Things that teams created

The important thing about teachers is that they care.

Teachers prepare excellent lessons that are just right for me.

Teachers take an interest in each student.

Teacher expertise allows me to SOAR.

But, the important thing about teachers is that they care.

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We have a science closet. Use it. Help keep it organized and thank you to Teri Childress for leading this effort

UPcominG evenTs

9/8 The first day of school and Dr. Kilgore greets students

9/15 Cub Scouts visits classroom 9-1030

9/16 Lead Team Meeting 710am

9/29 Back to School Night 530-700

9/30 Picture Day

10/1 Take Flight Day 315-415 (stay after for PD)

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