By Howard Herring


He was a Austrian Neurologists , Born in Czech Pribor May 6, 1856, who became the father of psychoanalysis by elaborating on his theory of the mind. Frued come up with concepts of unconscious, infantile sexuality, and repression. He also made an account for the mind's structure inference to how the human brian works.

Defense Mechanism

Denial:the refusal to accept reality because of a painful event that caused the person to not want it to exist.

Example: A person who's an alcoholic denies that they drink too much that affect their job and relationships.

Regression: a reverse able stage of development in the face of unacceptable thoughts and impulses.

Example:When child experience fear and they begin to start bed wetting.

Projection: misattribution of person's undesirable thoughts , feelings , and impulses into opposites.

Example: When someone is upset about something because they counterpart doesn't do anything but in fact the angry individual is the one who doesn't do anything.

Repression: Unconscious blocking of unacceptable thoughts, feelings , and impulses.

Example: A person memory is repressed because the memory is changing by every life experience.

Displacement: redirecting thoughts or impulses at a person or object by taking out on the person or object.

Example: when someone is upset about something by putting the emotion on another person or object.

Reaction Formation: converting of unwanted of dangerous thoughts ,feelings and impulses into their opposites.

Example: A student who's angry with the teacher but is always kind and shows appreciation towards that teacher.

Rationalization: putting a different spin on something or offering an explanation by a person's attitude in life.

Example:A person who smokes weed rationalize the reason they smoke because their job is stressful.

Sublimation: the channel of unacceptable impulses, thoughts , and impulses into something else.

Example: When someone has sexual desire and doesn't want to act upon it they distract them self by doing a rigorous task.

Psychosexual development

Oral stage: The first stage of personality where libido is centered in the baby's mouth. They get satisfaction by putting things into their mouths. This stage begins in the 0-1 years.

Example: A baby laughs when he puts his toys in the mouth.

Anal stage: The libido shifted to anus and the child receives great pleasure from displacing.The child feels like their own person and their demands can bring them in conflict with the world.This stage occurs in 1-3 years.

Example: Billy feels that the bathroom is a special place and has great relief.

Phallic stage: when children get aware of the anatomical sex differences like with the Oedipus complex for boys and electra complex in girls. The stage occurs in 3-5 or even 6 years.

Example: The Oedipus when the a boy tries to compete with their father and starts mimicking like girls for electra.

Latency stage: sexual preferences are repressed during this stage and the libido is dormant . This stage occurs in 5-6 to puberty.

Example: When children at this age focus on homework and other activities like football to connect with their peers.

Genital stage: When the child discover themselves personality and puberty begins in this stage , sexual instinct to achieve sexual pleasure.

Example: A person sexual preferences are from the childhood fixations fore example if a child liked the oral stage then they make like kissing or oral.

Id, Ego, and Super Igo

Id- a important components of your personality (Primitive and instinctive ) and biological and instincts.

Example: A person's father was a strong and muscular individual and child becomes fixated to lift weights , build muscle, and become a strongest basketball player in your school class.

Ego-mediates the unrealistic and real world id and makes the decisions in your personality.Tries to satisfy the id's demand , most of the time compromise with it.

Example:When a friend told you to skip track practice to enjoy the new playstation 4 and play Madden 25 But you realize this can my cut from the team so you chose to go to practice. You tell your fried after my track meet I play the game with you.

Superego- incorporates the right values and morals of society from the psychosexual stage and learned from your parents.The ultimate decision making in dire situations.

Example: You're a paramedic and you find out your wife and her friend were in accident and when you arrive there , the friend have injures that are life threatening your superego tells to help assist the friend than your wife.