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EEEKKKKK so much to report!!!!

WOW what a month already!!! So many things going on in our world and lots to chat about. So bear with me and let's go down the list.

Happy Friday!!! We have a lot to cover today!! Our first week of Oktoberfest challenges have ended and we will be drawing a winner over on that page today. PLUS we are starting a brand new week of challenges over there so be sure to stay tuned. We are killing it with 28 active and under 14k in team sales. I am beyond proud!!! This weekend is huge for popping up and pushing sales.

XO~ Vanessa

Atlas is here

WOW!!! I am loving the black and golds. Make sure to make your personal order with the 50% off by Tuesday night!!!
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Sparkle for a cause

Don't forget to push our Sparkle Campaign for Breast Cancer this month!!

FB Event~ In Person Pop Up Prep Sunday

Do not forget to RSVP for our In Person POP UP prep this Sunday night. Even if you wont be home still say yes so you can come back and read thru the resources.


Oktoberfest is going STRONG

Round 2 has begun for Oktoberfest!!!!! Hop over to take part!! Janna Massey Lewkow won the raffle for the 1st week!!! YAY

WEEK 2~ Oct 9-16~ Booking TWO October POP UPS from now until Oct 31st!!!!
Okay Merchandisers, we all know what makes the biggest BANG and puts cash into your pocket on November 5th…...POP UPS!!!! This week we challenge you to book TWO OCTOBER pop ups falling between now and Oct 31st! As long as you have 2 more pop ups scheduled for October, you will get an entry to the raffle! Shout it out LOUD and PROUD in the comments ‪#‎2luckycharmpops‬ OR ‪#‎2fabflyerpops‬ so we can keep track!!
Even better, screen shot your pop up screen and post it here in the comments!!! We will be posting images to share and resources for you! Fall is the BEST time to pop up, everyone wants to start their holiday shopping and woman LOVE to make a fashion or style change in the Fall.


Fast Starters

Cheering on these ladies in their FAST START who have made sales since they have started C + I. Way to go I am sooooo proud of YOU!!!!
8/23 Jenny Ziegelhofer $1428
9/5 Lindsay Myers Bennett $178
9/16 Dinah-Lee Torres $155
9/16 Lydia Correa-Gonzalez $466
9/21 Natalie Katherine 150
9/22 Erin Gabriella $50
9/28 Marie Mueller $69

Merch Perch

Check out this FUN post from Liz Ross ChloeandIsabel over on the new Merch Perch!!!!!

Happy Thursday ladies!!! I am SO excited to bring you the first‪#‎techieThursday‬. Each Thursday, I am going to bring you a new tech topic that can help you with your business. Today, we are chatting about pre-scheduling sites. A great way to run your social media content is to plan ahead (I like to use Sundays for this), shoot the images I need, then pre-schedule my posts for the week. But what sites do you use? It really depends on what you are using to work your business. DON'T spread yourself too thin with too many social media sites, find one or two you can really rock and start there. Here are a few suggestions:

Hootsuite: you can monitor and post from various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Linkedin). Liz's take - not as user friendly for pre-scheduling beginners and can cause frustration, but just takes practice. This is one of the pest places to search available # and # convos over multiple platforms.
Buffer: You can attach a photo, video or animated GIF to any of your posts. Second, since we shorten your links for you, we are able to provide more analytics than if you just were to post to Twitter or Facebook directly. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Liz take - easy site to work with, but if you are primarily a visual business poster, it leaves out the most important site..instagram.
PostCron: Can post to multiple events, groups, and personal/business page in Facebook. Also allows for LinkedIn, and Google+. Liz take - SUPER easy to work with. You have to be careful because it defaults to your primary page you set. If you are new to pre-scheduling, this may be the one to go with because of the functionality.
ScheduGram: While there are a lot pre-schedulers for instagram, there are no free ones that will post for you. This one included. But out of the all the ones I have researched. Liz take - This is the best one of the ones I have researched. You can edit, schedule, and post from this site and you don't have to do it from your phone. You can also run multiple IG accounts from this platform.

Hop on over and take a peek around. https://community.chloeandisabel.com/thread/1738#comments


I am so proud of my ‪#‎faststartpledgers‬ this week, so many of them have made their very 1st sale this month already!!! And today we have a special VIP guest speaker video just for my pledgers!!! Want to join this awesome group of ladies??? Take the pledge and join us here~~~~>>>https://www.facebook.com/groups/423542214504305/

C+I Invites

Now when you share your c+i by Invitation 'Plus One', you'll each build your businesses even faster with special gifts on us. This month, when your invitee becomes a Merchandiser, you'll both receive The Atlas Three-Row Convertible Necklace + Toggle Bracelet from our October 2015 capsule, plus you'll earn $50 in cash once your invitee reaches $500 in Fast Start sales!

Follow these three simple steps to earn your FREE set of jewels + $50 CASH BONUS:

STEP 1: Identify your perfect ‘Plus One’ + invite her directly from your dashboard

STEP 2: Follow up with the new referral asset to highlight October's perk (check the Academy for more top tips!)

STEP 3: Help jump-start her business by sharing your expertise to coach her to $500 in Fast Start sales

Share your October invite before it expires at the end of this month! Are you a current Fast Starter? Land your first sale to unlock your exclusive 'Plus One' invitation!

We can’t wait to meet who you invite!

Booking Pop Ups is our theme for the next 8 days..

I need you ALL to book 2 more pop ups for October. So let's talk about hostesses.

Are you in THE KNOW about our Haute Host Program??? Before you book, make sure to know the ins and outs of the host program. https://www.chloeandisabel.com/…/ste…/the_haute_host_program

Host Coaching is the MOST important part of the pop up!!! Educate yourself so you can educate HER!!!! https://www.chloeandisabel.com/…/h…/steps/coaching_your_host

Ok so let's talk about in person pop ups and filling those calendars!!! POPPING UP is sooooo important whether you are brand new or just need to refresh your biz. People want to see the jewels in person, touch and feel them. So let's talk...... I want to talk about booking into and thru 2016!!!! YES I am talking about booking pop ups into January!!! I know that may seem crazy BUT it is so beneficial to book months and months ahead of time! The next 4 months are sooooooo critical for your biz!! The holidays are our biggest months and a successful January can mean major moves for you as a merchandiser. We have a big sale every January and people want to feel good about themselves in the new year. They diet, they have makeovers, they change their wardrobe etc......So we need to capitalize on this!! Fall and the holidays can be the best times to pop up...so many FUN themes we can tackle to entice pop up attendance. Here are a few to get you thinking.....
*Halloween themed pop up
*Fall Mommy and Me craft pop up
*Witches Night Out pop up
*Pies and Pretties~ Pie swap pop up, everyone brings a pie and we all dig in
*Football co-ed pop up (pop up while the men are glued to the TV)
*Smores/Campfire pop up
*Couples Night pop up
*Pumpkin Carving pop up
*Bake Sale pop up, donate food items to local shelter after
*Plaid and hoodies pop up, have everyone wear their FAV plaid top or hoodie and promise to DAZZLE them with your demo on how to dress them up with a statement necklace and so on
*Oktoberfest beer tasting pop up
*Mystery Host masquerade pop up….have it themed as a masquerade and have masks for props for the attendees…..every order of $50 increment gets an entry and at end of pop up when you have all the orders in you draw a lucky winner for all the host credits
*January New Year makeover pop ups
*Trade in your old clothes Pop Up...donate everything collected to womens shelter in the area and have the ladies shop your jewels!!
*Winter wonderland themed pop
*Little Black Dress pop up
I have attached some blank calendars thru January!! I HIGHLY suggest booking at least 3 pop ups for October and November each, maximize holiday shoppers and book at least 2 for January NOW!!! Reach out to past hosts to host in January and get her onboard to host a FUN event!!!! I promise IF you think of your business into the future and take the time to really preplan and book ahead, this will be so amazing for your success!!!!

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Let me service YOU

I am at your service. Booking a 15 minute power call with me can be the motivation and encouragement you just may need. I provide the tips, tricks and motivation. You show up!!! XO