Jackie Robinson Overcoming Issues

Racism is Bad! By: Cameran Cash

Discrimination Is Wrong

Discrimination In Sports (Before)

Jackie Robinson is an African-American man born on January 31, 1919. Jackie Loved baseball and played it all his life untill he retired. Although he did what he wanted to do in his life there was a major problem, this problem motivated him to do better. The problem was racism, Jackie Robinson was discriminated against because he was accepted to join the all whites team, The Dodgers. Jackie received hate mail and was called names all throughout his career. Although Jackie wanted to do something about it, he knew the only way he could do anything was to prove everybody wrong and prove to them that he could do it and prove to them that he is a great baseball player. So Jackie did exactly that and showed everyone that he was a good baseball player.

Discrimination In Sports (Today)

Discrimination should never be a problem for anyone no matter what race, gender or what your sexual orientation is but obviously this world isnt perfect, and it never will be sadly. The only thing we can do is pray that people will stop being so racist.

Discrimination Outside Of Sports

No matter what your sexual orientation is noone should ever be discriminated against just because they like a certain gender or what their sexual orientation is. Stefani Dolson said “it's OK for women to be who they are, and that everyone deserves respect.” No matter what gender, race or what your sexual orientation is, no matter what you are you deserve the same respect as everybody else. It is not okay that people say someone is gay as an insult because there is nothing wrong with being gay, bisexual or lesbian. It doesn’t matter what you chose to do with your life, you should be treated with respect just like everybody else.

Racism Outside Of Sports (Before)

Jackie Robinson didnt only face racism in sports, he also had to deal with it outside of sports too. Even when Jackie was not playing baseball, when he would just be walking down the street and all the white people would threaten him and call him names or make fun of him. They do this because they try to get a rise out of him to try to get him kicked off the baseball team, the All White Dodgers. Although Jackie Robinson knows that he can’t fight back at the white people because he would get kicked off the baseball team and he really didn’t want to get kicked off the team. Jackie took his anger out in the baseball games, He worked his hardest to prove that he was a good player and to show up the white people that are racist towards him.

Racism Outside Of Sports (Today)

Police have recently shot unarmed African-Americans for no reason because of racism. The police had no right to shoot them because they were not armed and they were causing no threat towards the cops. Through Dec. 23, there were 17 reported domestic incidents of racism in sports and 89 reported international incidents in 2014. Domestically there were 10 incidents of racism in football, six in basketball and one in the UFC. The police have shot many unarmed African-Americans due to racism and cops always see they bad side to everything they never look for positive outlooks to the African-American figures’ side of the story, if the police see a group of African-American males that look strange then they are going to try to do something about it and they will try to get in the middle of that group to see if there is anything going on because cops always suppose that anything to do with black people that don’t look important is always a bad thing.