Self- confidence

Angela, Destiny, Virginia

Show respect

  • Express confidence in a child abilities.
  • Offer child choose when ever possible.
  • show respect like going alone with child decision.
  • show your respect by saying your reason.

Give Praise and Encouragement

  • Try to catch the child doing something right, and than praise the action or accomplishment.
  • Be specific, such as I really appreciate it when you help clear the table after dinner.
  • Children might not know what you are referring to when you use general comments such as Good job.

Plan Activities

  • Select activities that are challenging but not overwhelming.
  • Be sure that the child has the ability to perform a given tasks to help avoid frustration and failure.
  • Be sure not to plan too many activities though.
  • Children need downtime to relax and play.

Encourage Individuality

  • Give boys and girls opportunities to develop a wide range of skills.
  • This can include skills such as making breakfast or learning how to drive screws or pound nails.