Kai Suzuki Science 6

By Kai Suzuki "This is my reflection of my learning.

Introduction of Kai Suzuki

My name is Kai Suzuki and I have four siblings Mom, Dad, Brother Sola, and my older brother Ricky. I am a sixth grader at pionner middle school also my brother and my older brother is a high schooler in Beckman. What I like to enjoy playing is playing baseball, play video games, swimming and playing ping pong.
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Introduction to Science 6

What we did during the units was that we learned to use the triple beam balance and learned how to use a microscope. What we did with the triple beam balance was that we measured things like sponge, tennis ball, a pencil, and a cylinder tube. What we did with the microscopes was that we learned how to use the lenses and we saw things that we couldn't see with our naked eyes. We also did was a mapping unit where we learned how to read a map and we also used a globe.
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My Favorite Activity/ Lab

My favorite activity was the microscope unit because we saw thing that we couldn't see with our naked eyes. We saw salt and when we saw them through the microscope it looked like ice. We also looked at Mr. Schafers beach towel to see what beach he went.