Metric Measurement Stations

10/03/16 - 10/05/16

Station 1 - IXL's

Choose from any of the following IXL's (shown in the picture) to work on during this center: Z.7, Z.8, Z.9, Z.10, Z.11, Z.12

Station 2 - Online Metric Units Worksheet

Students will be completing the online worksheet from You will begin by watching the video that is on the worksheet and then answering the questions. Make sure that you click on the correct link for your class. (My Homeroom = Ms. West Class, Mr. Henry's Homeroom = Mr. Henry's Class) *You will need headphones to listen to the video.*

Ms. West's Class -

Mr. Henry's Class -

Station 3 - Metric Measurement Task Cards

In the hallway, I will have 8 Metric Measurement Task Cards. You will need a sheet of notebook paper titled "Metric Measurement Task Cards" and numbered 1-7. You and a partner may work on these questions together. Turn into your classes blue math basket when you finish.

Station 4 - Converting Metric Distances Worksheet

This is the worksheet from Friday that you did while Mr. Pardew was here. I will be calling some of you over to look at these together.

Early Finishers -

-5.MD.1 Games in Blackboard

-Metric Conversion Quizlet

Groups -

Group 1 - Daniel, Jaiden, Breanna, Kayla, and Lily

Group 2 - Aliza, Ryley, Jimmy, No Name, No Name

Group 3 - Myles, Aubrenne, Siena, No Name, Thomas

Group 4 - Bryson, Ty, Nidhi

Group 5 - Jeffery, Diego, Marley, Randy, Connor, Kasey, Addie - Go back out in the hallway and make corrections on your task cards. Your voice should be at a whisper.