By: Jerry Spinelli


Crash is about a boy named John "Crash" Coogan a star football player and track star. Crash has a best friend named Mike who loves to play jokes on a boy named Penn Webb. Crash has an uncle Scooter who is very special to him. One day while Scooter was building a look out post in a tree for Crash's sister Abby, Scooter suffered a stroke. Crash really missed having Scooter during his track meets and football games because he was usually the only family member who could make it. A couple days later at the bus stop Mike is soaking Penn Webb with a water uzi. Crash starts thinking should I keep being friends with a guy who can get me suspended or should I be friends with Penn Webb? Who will he choose?
I think you should read this book because there is something that almost everyone will like in this book.