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1980 Summer Olympics

1980 Olympics Facts

  • Host city: Moscow, Soviet Union
  • Total Athletes: 5,179
  • Events: 203 in 21 sports
  • Most metals won (Country): Soviet union with a total of 195
  • Youngest participant: Jorge Lima (13 years)
  • Oldest participant: Krasimir Krastev (70 years)

Opening Ceremony

  • The first live broadcast in space occurred during the opening ceremony
  • The first use of large props in an opening ceremony
  • Arguably the most influential opening ceremony in history

U.S. lead boycott

  • President Jimmy Carter told the Soviet Union that it they don’t withdraw its troops from Afghanistan then the U.S. would boycott the summer Olympics there.
  • Carter also increased pressure on the Soviets to leave the war in Afghanistan by having a trade embargo on the two main U.S. goods that the Soviet Union needed, grain and information technology.
  • Canada, West Germany and Japan joined the U.S. in boycotting the games but Jimmy Carter did not convince Great Britain, France, Greece and Australia to join the Boycott. (Great Britain and France supported the boycott, but the athletes could participate in the gamed if they wished)

  • The Soviets reacted by leading a communist-bloc boycott the 1984 summer Olympics which was held in Los Angeles

Important People

  • The Soviet gymnast Aleksandr Dityatin became the first athlete to win eight metals in one year
  • British Sebastian Coe outran two men from East Germany on the last lap of the 1500 for the gold metal

Moscow 1980 Olympic Games Highlights

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