Punta del Este

Exclusivity, Nature and Relaxation in one place

Punta del Este is the paradise of the Uruguayan coast. Its geographical location has natural conditions of singular beauty. White sand , blue water , dunes , islands, lakes and woods are combined with a varied and luxurious architecture providing a perfect balance and making in Punta del Este live together all the ways to enjoy and share.

The best attractions to enjoy

From Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (Santiago, Chile) to Carrasco Airport, (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Passage: From 573 USD to 630 USD. The local currency is the Uruguayan peso. ( 1 Dollar = 24 Uruguayan peso).

Punta del Este, more also known as the Pearl of Uruguay, is located 130 kilometers from Montevideo on a long peninsula of sand and forest in the southeast of the country.

The cuisine of this city is based on fishing and everything related to the sea, that is why in most restaurants the seafood dishes are plentiful. The climate is mild, with temperatures between 25 and 32 º C in summer, cold and not exceeding 0 ° C during winter.

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